Race Profile

Size: 6’6" to 8’0"
Fur Color: varies
Hair Color: N/A
Life Span: ~70 years
Attributes: +1 die of Vigor,

Low-Light Vision, Insulating Fur,
Pace 5

The Ulfur have largely been left alone for the simple fact that no one can (or wants to) live in the Northern Wastes that they call home. As a result much of the progress of the rest of the world has yet to filter into their way of life. They are a nomadic people who roam in search of food or trading opportunity. But unlike the Orcs, they happily share their space with other races. (The Orcs scoff at this, claiming they chose to live up there on purpose so no one else would steal their land.) Lately more and more can be seen south of the Wastes, lured by the wonders of civilization.

Ulfur have powerful bodies with a fully canine face, digigrade legs, and tail. While they are built for endurance, Orcs are built for power. Their fur colors range from grey to brown to black, and can be mottled. Intricate clothing and accessories are made from animals. (Though they don’t wear clothing if they don’t have to.) Ulfur are liable to overheat at lower latitudes.


Starting Attributes:

Endurance: Ulfur can run for miles following herds of prey. Start with +1 die in Vigor.
Low-Light Vision: Ulfur eyes amplify light. They can see in the dark and ignore penalties for dim and dark lighting. (But not total darkness.)
Insulating Fur: The Ulfur’s thick fur protects them from winter’s chill, but can be a problem in hotter environments. -4 penalty to resist heat effects, +4 bonus to resist cold effects.
Bulky: Ulfur are not as fast as other races, but make up for it in staying power. Start with a Pace of 5.


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