The discipline of Summoning rose from those Mages who noticed fairies seemed to concentrate around sources of magic, appearing there at a higher frequency. The playful lights even flicker into being around Mages as they draw in energy for particularly powerful spells. Wondering if there was a way to keep fairies alive indefinitely, scholars traveled to the ends of Laima to study them. Eventually they discovered a way to tap into the purest sources of magical energy and give them physical form, resulting in the Aeons, or summoned creatures used today.

Summoning is a relatively new offshoot of White Magic, brought into the wider world by High Elves after the establishment of the new Grand Empire. The act of summoning is very taxing on the caster, as they must not only act as a conduit for a very raw and powerful energy source, but constrain it into a form which obeys the physical laws of our world. Of course magic tries at every opportunity to break these rules, hence much study and practice goes into finding an acceptable middle ground. Each Aeon, like the magic it embodies, occupies a certain “domain” and cannot do anything outside of this area. Though the boundaries can be stretched by a competent Summoner.

Aeons themselves vary slightly from Summoner to Summoner as each personifies magic in his or her own way, but the basic forms have been found to be similar the world over. Unfortunately as scholars have not been able to reach all of the world’s Magical Foci, some of these Aeons are merely speculation. As the Child Elements are less pure they are easier to summon and control, and are thus taught before the Cardinal Elements. (Excepting for Ki, which can be summoned virtually anywhere magic exists.) Aeons are easier to summon near magical laylines and foci, but by the time Summoners leave their academies they are presumed able to summon their Aeons of choice anywhere.

Summon Ally

Allows the user to tap into primal magics and draw them into this plane in a physical form. All Aeons are considered Wild Cards sharing their Summoner’s bennies. Commanding an Aeon requires a full-round action. Summoners wishing to move or defend themselves should note that forgoing their Aeon’s turn does not “save” it; the clock is still running so-to-speak. Summoners may add 2 Summons to their repertoire for every rank they possess, but must first study with the appropriate Master. Their Rank also determines some Summon stats. See the spell description below:

Rank Cost Range Free Fugue # Aeons
Novice 2MP Smarts 1 round 2
Seasoned 3MP Smarts 2 rounds 4
Veteran 4MP Smarts x2 3 rounds 6
Heroic 5MP Smarts x2 4 rounds 8
Legendary 6MP Smarts x3 5 rounds 91

Summons can take the same actions as players: generally 1 Standard, 1 Move, and 1 Free per turn unless otherwise stated. Each Aeon has three attacks or abilities to choose from as its Standard Action. These are ranked in descending order, 1 being the Aeon’s natural inclination and 3 representing the Summoner pushing the boundaries of that particular element’s domain. The farther and more often an Aeon is pushed the harder it will be to control. This is represented as Fugue. Each action performed adds to the Fugue value until the Summoner can no longer hold his concentration and his Summon dissipates.

Fugue does not begin to accumulate for a number of turns specified in the above chart. After this subtract the current Fugue value from the numeric value of the Summoner’s Faith skill. If the result is 6 or lower she is required to roll her Faith to maintain her concentration. After dissipation or dismissal the Aeon cannot be summoned again until the Fugue value drops below 4. (The standard DC for Savage Worlds.) Fugue depletes at a level of 1 point per hour. Limit Breaks work the same as for other characters and generate no Fugue.

Upon reaching Veteran rank, the Summoner is proficient enough that he is able to summon more powerful versions of his Aeons. Each Aeon receives a +1 die type raise to all abilities and skills. Some other attributes may also be affected; these will be listed in a dual format where the first number is the initial value and the second is the “powered-up” value, i.e.: Toughness: 6/10.


Aegis, the Unicorn

Aegis is the first Aeon all Summoners learn to control, as it is the personification of Ki out of which all magic flows. It takes the form of a playful laughing unicorn and is usually employed in a support role.

Agi: d8 Smt: d8(A) Spi: d10 Str: d8 Vig: d6
Pace: 10/12 Parry: 5/7 Toughness: 6/8


  • Fleet Footed: roll a d10 for a running die, rather than a d6
  • Force of Creation: Add +2 dmg when attacking undead foes and add +2 Toughness when suffering damage from any element except Void. -2 Toughness when suffering Void damage
Fugue Value Action
1 Heal: 1/2 wound(s) regardless of time penalties. Undeads must roll Vigor or be Shaken/suffer 2d6 dmg. (Range 10’)
2 Barrier: creates an immobile 5’ barrier with a Toughness of 10/12 providing light cover (Range Smarts)
3 Light: Creates flash of blinding light in MBT. Targets roll Agility -2 or are blinded for 1 round; Shaken with a raise. Undeads must roll Vigor or suffer 2d4/d6 dmg. (Range Smarts)

Limit Break: Refreshing Wind
Removes the Shaken effect from all allies, as well as negating any status penalties for environment or wounds (but not Fugue) for 2 turns. (At Summoner rank Veteran this also has the effect of casting Speed(Seasoned) on all party members.)

Rahmuh, the Thunderbird

A common second choice among summoners is the Aeon of Lightning, Rahmuh. It is often nicknamed “The Avatar of Speed” for though this bird is giant in size it truly is fast as lightning.

Agi: d12 Smt: d6(A) Spi: d6 Str: d10 Vig: d6
Pace: 8/10 Parry: 11/14 Toughness: 6/8


  • Flight: Rahmuh has a flying pace of 16/20 and a climbing pace of 6/8.
  • Avatar of Lightning: Add +2 dmg when attacking metal-aligned foes, however Water-aligned damage bypasses 2 Toughness.
Fugue Value Action
2 Thundara: Targets w/in MBT suffer 3d6/4d6 dmg (Range 12/24/48)
3 Thunder Clap: Creates a deafening blast of sound in MBT. Targets roll Vigor -2 or are Shaken for 1 round/knocked back 5’.
4 Lightning’s Speed: Casts Speed(Seasoned) on 1 party member. (Range 25’)

Limit Break: Judgment Bolt
Targets in sight suffer 2d10 damage as Ramuh arcs from one to the next with the speed of light. (At Summoner rank Veteran this increases to 2d12 damage.)

Wukong, the Monkey

The Aeon of metal is a deceiving creature who loves to play games and does not always obey the Summoner’s wishes. However if properly… entertained it can be a great addition to any summoning repertoire.

Agi: d10 Smt: d8(A?) Spi: d10 Str: d8 Vig: d6
Pace: 6/8 Parry: 8/10 Toughness: 7/9


  • Capricious: Unless its commands are suitably grand Wukong will do whatever it wishes. If ignoring orders it instead incurs a Fugue of 1 this turn.
  • Avatar of Metal: Resists illusory mind-effects with a +2 to Spirit rolls.
  • Faithful Companion: A warrior is nothing without his allies. Once per encounter, Wukong can intercept an attack meant for another party member, transferring all damage and effects to himself. Such a heroic gesture does not suffer from the effects of Capricious.
Fugue Value Action
2 Strike: Wukong’s basic attack. Fighting d8/10; Dmg d8+Str; Reach 1
3 Showboat: Lower fighting die type by 1 this turn to gain +2/3 Parry
4 Extending Pole: Strikes any one opponent w/in 10 squares for an extra d6 dmg. Must have line of sight

Limit Break: Grandstand
Wukong sweeps out its pole to attack any adjacent enemy in range. At Veteran rank range increases to 2 for this attack.

See Also: Magic, Mechanics-Magic

1 Since Void is technically the absence of elements it has never produced a physical Aeon. Thus there are only 9 in the pantheon.


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