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Prefect: Roccotanie Huanisil

Rilma is the capital of Minyaranie and the crown jewel of the Great Empire. Home of the High Elves, it was magnificently constructed around the mouth of the Nalta River. Its waters flow around and through the city’s rings, bouncing reflections off its crystal buildings. Its highest structures reach half a mile into the air and are a magnet for lightning strikes during the monsoon season. An elaborate system of lightning rods protects the people and property of Rilma, channeling the power into underground batteries for municipal use later. Entirely self-sustaining, the High-Elves were content to stay in their city until the Great Collapse of the Human empire.

Magnanimously agreeing to help the Human race, the High-Elves opened Rilma for trade and exchange of ideas. Though some of the older generation still cling to stubbornly to their isolationist ways, most believe that the city has changed for the better since the establishment of the Great Empire. In the center of the city sits the governmental and municipal offices as well as the residences of the Emperor and Grand Prefect. In the second ring are Ilye Parnome and various other guild buildings. Further out are the various mansions, businesses, and residential areas. Manufacturing and production areas lie in the last ring, as well as the port authority. Just outside the city, floating above the coastline, is the Helyanwe Airship port. Surrounding the city are numerous farms founded by Humans and other newcomers.

The city itself, like its residents, is reserved and thoughtful. Visitors will often be struck speechless by the quiet and immaculate streets, but drawn in by the feeling that there is always something more around every corner. Though the city seems to be constructed in a simple and logical manner at first the sheer amount of levels and side streets can confuse any traveler. Most municipal duties are performed as efficiently as possible, and many never see those who provide the city’s essential services.


Helyanwe1 Airship Port: The Port is the only structure which is located outside the city. Though airships were used commonly by the High-Elven aristocracy by the founding of the Empire, the volume of traffic was too small to merit the building of a port. By the time a worldwide airship trading route was proposed there was simply no room inside Rilma for a structure of the necessary size. All arrivals are treated to a grand view of the city and surrounding countryside as they cross over the walls on a grand floating bridge.
Ilye Parnome2: The Scholar’s Guild resides in the 2nd ring of the city just outside the seat of government. The largest university in the world, it houses the schools of White and Black Lore as well as all manner of mundane scholarship programs such as business, law, and archeology. It also boasts the order of Red Mages, who believe in balanced learning of all magics. In general only High-Elves are admitted, though there have been a few exceptions.
NTG: The National Trade Guild has an office in Historia where one can apply for trading permits for caravans, ships, or airships. It also offers connections for those wishing to start or expand their business.
Order of Ravens Abbey: Located in the 2nd ring, the Abbey houses and trains all local members of the Order. All are admitted, though there is a significant drop-out rate due to the high standards to which all Arbiters are held.

Other Guilds/Organizations:

  • Starknight Headquarters & Academy
  • Technomagic Heavy Armory Facility (hidden)
  • Tradesman’s Guild

1 Trans: Sky-bridge or Rainbow

2 Trans: Place of All Knowledge


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