Order of Ravens

Order of Ravens

The Order of Ravens is a mysterious organization which so far holds the distinction of being the only to use the Void as their sole inspiration. Little is known about them, except that they are centered around the ideas of justice and impartiality, and that their ideals are rarely compromised. All are welcomed into the ranks, but few have the conviction and discipline to be accepted. Recruits, once officially accepted, are never seen or heard from again, and indeed are forbidden from recognizing any prior responsibilities or ties. Not that any are identified by former loved ones. No Arbiter leaves their abbey without the Order’s signature raven armor and robes which cover any and all distinguishing features.

The reason for such drastic measures is the Order’s incessant drive for impartiality. In order to further the cause of justice they take steps to distance themselves from all opinions and preferences. Thus they keep only the vaguest of ties to necessary business and political partners. Those with which they do keep contact are often chaffed by their ideals and practices, as the Ravens are not afraid to blow the whistle on any illegal deed, no matter how small. Arbiters of the Raven have made it clear that not only do they intend to go on championing justice in all corners of the world, but they really are quite good at it. And so they have been given authority by the Grand Empire to operate wherever and however they wish, as long as they uphold the Empire’s laws. In the interest of justice for all the compromise was accepted and the Order of Ravens now has imperially-funded abbeys in all major cities.

Role in Society

Most Arbiters function as guardsmen, judges, and bounty hunters in order to serve the cause of justice directly. There are some who even prefer the simplicity of executioners. In all cases they never endeavor to replace local militias or knights, only to support them in areas which may require more attention than can be provided. Arbiters often lend their services to small towns as sheriffs, guards, and mediators, but they will just as often step into investigative roles for small cases falling through the cracks of Imperial caseloads.

Arbiters are required to change locations and/or roles every few years to avoid becoming used to a particular area’s or people’s sense of justice. They still campaign for the true justice even as they respect local laws.

Urban Legends

As expected urban legends surround the Order. What happens to recruits who are not accepted? Some of those are never heard from again either. Even worse, what happens to those who are accepted? Do they undergo some shadowy ritual to strip them of their individuality? Such blind devotion cannot be obtained with a mere vow. Or are they a hive mind, controlled by the Void itself to perpetuate its bidding in Laima?

Of course any perceptive being will notice small variances from Arbiter to Arbiter. When approached about height and tone of voice for example, two Arbiters will respond that total unification is something to be striven for, not attained.


Arbiters of the Order of Ravens guard their knowledge of Void Lore even more highly than their impartiality. However they have been observed using the following spells:

Elemental Protection, Obscure, Telekinesis, Smite

Order of Ravens

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