Race Profile

Size: 5’5" to 6’5"
Skin Color: green, brown
Hair Color: brown, black
Life Span: ~50 years
Attributes: +1 die of Strength,

Code of Honor, Free Combat Edge

Mention Orcs in a crowded bar and all conversations instantly change. Not much is known about the Orcs, except that their harsh lands are rich in minerals and their conflicts with Dwarves over those minerals were long and bloody.

However the one thing that everyone knows is that once a year every Orc converges on the Plains of Rafshat to have a giant battle. They’ve done so for generations, perhaps even before the High Elves built their great city. They do it every year, with creepily good timing, until whenever they decide to stop. Afterward the fighters pick each other up off the ground and have an immense feast. As soon as this fact became common knowledge, the date became a world holiday not unlike our Superbowl.

The Orcish mindset revolves around honor and might. One’s worth is measured in battle, be it with a rival clan or one’s next meal. The weak are not coddled, but outsiders would be surprised to hear an Orcish legend of a lame boy who changed the course of entire stampeding herds with just his bow.

Orcs have stout, muscled bodies, large upturned noses and often tusks. While they are built for power, Ulfur are built for endurance. They adorn themselves with tattoos and trinkets symbolizing their achievements. Their ceremonial armor can be quite intricate. Some tribes tame the native plains Chocobos for beasts of burden or hunting aides.


Starting Attributes:

Powerhouse: Orcs’ bodies are thickly muscled. Start with +1 die in Strength.
Live for Battle: Orcs learn to fight even before they can walk. Start with a free combat edge.
Code of Honor: Orc society is built upon strict rules of conduct. See the page below for more details.

See Also: Orcish Code of Honor


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