Mechanics: Limit Breaks

Trance, Overdrive, call it what you will, every Final Fantasy game has some form of Limit Break. An extra special bit of awesomeness to reward you for all the bashing and bruising you endure at the hands (claws, tentacles?) of the bad guys. Like the Savage Worlds system itself the effects of Limit Breaks may seem mundane. But the real artistry comes in the trappings. Little details unique to a particular character.

Each character in Laima’s Legacy will get their own Limit Break they can customize as they wish. It will grow in potency and awesomeness with Rank, and can do almost anything you wish. I do say almost because as a GM I do want it to be balanced. But at this point I trust you guys as experienced players not to be cheese weasels. Each Limit Break must be approved by me, but I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.

DISCLAIMER: This will take some playtesting. Luke or TJ, as you are more rules-oriented than I, if you think up a more streamlined way to take care of this then I will be open to try it.


  1. Limit Breaks are free and require no special Edge or Hindrance to purchase. It will not require any MP to cast on its own. (Something like Dualcasting will still require MP for the spells used, though it will be halved or something of that nature.)
  2. Each character starts with 1 Limit Break at Novice Rank, and “learns” 1 additional Limit Break at Veteran, Heroic, and Legendary Ranks. A character can use any Limit Break he or she knows. The effects of a Limit Break are set in stone once it is decided. (Except for the purposes of rebalancing, which will probably happen.)
  3. An initial Limit Break may do no more than 1 more die of damage than a character could normally accomplish with their standard action. This restriction will be lifted gradually with subsequent Limit Breaks.
    • Example: Gruudash’s standard attack is to punch things. His usual damage is 1d8+1d4+2. His Novice Limit Break may do no more than 2d8+1d4+2 damage.
  4. If your Limit Break is based on a specific spell (such as Healing) it may be no more than 1 Rank above your own. But we will add some extra effects to make it still desirable to use as you level.
    • Example: Alyss is a healer, but has no mass healing spell until Heroic Rank. His Novice Limit Break could be based on the Novice or Seasoned Healing spell. Since the Seasoned level only removes fatigue levels, he opts for the Novice Rank version instead. To raise it to Limit Break stature he adds a Medium Burst Template effect and raises the amount of wounds healed from 1-2 to 2-3. For balancing purposes it is decided that only 1 wound may be healed per person(including himself if desired).
  5. A Limit Break takes up a Standard Action, unless otherwise stated.
  6. Limit Breaks have a chance to happen on your attack initiative based on how many wounds you have accumulated. (This is to combine previous systems which calculated damage done by and to the player.) Chances are as follows:
    • 0 Wounds: 10%
    • 1 Wound: 20%
    • 2 Wounds: 40%
    • 3 Wounds: 60%
  7. If a Limit Break occurs the player may decide to use it or save it for the next round. Limit Breaks expire after 1 round and may NOT be carried over into other encounters.
  8. A Limit Break’s effects should be thematically linked to your character’s fighting style. The wimpy mage doesn’t hit for tons of damage, (that’s what Dualcast is for) and the big raging bruiser doesn’t stop to daintily stitch everyone’s wounds in the middle of battle. (If you want your character to develop over the game in a non-traditional direction let me know. That’s what the next rule is for…)
  9. Limit Breaks should be individual and awesome! Be creative!


If you’re having trouble thinking up ideas for your limit break here are some starting points:

  • Past Final Fantasy games
  • Savage World spells with alternate trappings/effects
  • Duelist: trade damage for a multitude of auto-hit attacks
  • Normal attack with some added status effect or range
    The possibilities are endless!

After a Limit Break is decided on I will post it in the Description section of your character sheet.


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