Character Creation

Starting Traits:

  • Attributes: All start at d4. You have 5 points to buy larger check dice at a 1/1 ratio. Your race will determine your bonuses/detriments to starting Attributes
  • Skills: Start at 0, 15 points to spend. All are tied to an overarching Attribute; buying skills is easier under high-valued Attributes
  • Charisma = 0 +/- any bonuses/penalties from Edges/Hindurances
  • Pace = 6 squares +/- any bonuses/penalties
  • Parry = 2 + ½ Fighting Skill
  • Toughness = 2 + ½ Vigor + torso armor bonus (rest of your armor will count for called shots only)
  • 1-3 Hindurances for flavor and more points
  • Humans get 1 free Edge
  • Limit Break: Super-Awesome attack! See page for more detailed info
  • Mages/Artificers choose spells from their class

Remember that at character creation no attribute may be raised above a d12. However these can be raised with Advances…

At the beginning of the campaign all characters start at Novice level with two advances. (10xp) Page 38 in the Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition gives a quick-start guide to character creation, and page 37 has info on Advances.

With Advances You Can:

  • Gain a new Edge
  • Increase a skill that is equal to or greater than its linked attribute by 1 die type
  • Increase 2 skills that are lower than their linked attributes by 1 die type each
  • Buy a new skill at a d4
  • Increase 1 attribute by 1 die type1

1 Only once per rank. Example: John Q. Sample is currently rank Novice. Upon reaching 20 XP he will gain rank Seasoned. He would like to raise his Vigor so that his Toughness is not so low he could faint by stubbing his toe. If he raises Vigor now he may not raise any attribute again until he hits Seasoned rank.


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