Ever since the first sentient beings discovered the playful Fairies magic has been the most popular and best way to learn about the world around them. Due to its deep-rooted history and tradition magic and its study remains one of the most regional aspects of Laima’s culture. An effort has been made to catalog the major schools and beliefs below.

Types of Magic

At its core magic either flows from Ki or Void. Thus the set of all possible spells have been broken up into either Ki Magic or Void Magic. The differentiation is simple: Ki Magic creates or confuses and Void Magic destroys or reorders. (In areas of confusion spells are classified by what they do rather than how a particular mage may decide to use them.)

Although most scholars regard these two categories as simple and useful when classifying magical energies, those who ultimately choose to study and use magic usually take a little from both sides, thus complicating the organizational scheme immensely.

(Mechanics: White and Black Mages may learn spells from their opposite class, but will cast them at 1 Rank below their current one.)

Schools of Magic

White: White Mages have chosen to focus on healing and protection. As they mainly draw upon Ki their symbol is the unicorn, but some of their spells originate from the Void. Some White Mages take a vow of non-violence and concentrate only on status-affecting spells, but offensive White Magic spells do exist.

List of Spells: Armor, Barrier, Bless, Boost Trait, Change Size, Deflection, Detect/Conceal Arcana, Dispel, Environmental Protection, Fly, Heal, Invisibility, Light, Prescient Defense, Scrying, Slow, Speed(Haste), Teleport, Turn Undead

Summoning: A special school of White Mages are the Summoners, who have discovered how to summon aspects of a pure element to fight alongside them.

Black: Black Mages concentrate on offensive destructive magic through either Ki or Void. They are associated with many symbols depending on their preferred spell combinations, but usually wear black or dark-colored robes. (Mechanics: Mages must decide on a spell’s trappings when it is purchased. Thus Burst(Blizzard) may not be changed for Burst(Aero) if it is not already purchased. However because our spells now level with us, the Mage will automatically gain Burst(Blizzara) upon reaching Seasoned rank.)

List of Spells: Bolt/Burst(Aero, Blizzard, Fire, Thunder, Quake, etc), Burrow, Command Undead1, Curse, Elemental Manipulation, Fear, Entangle (Hold), Lower Trait, Obscure, Poison, Puppet, Sleep, Smite, Telekinesis

Red: Unlike their contemporaries Red Mages choose to mix and match spells from the White and Black schools. They are also usually trained in the use of weapons and armor. Motivations range from a philosophy of balance, as with the Rilma School of Red Lore, or simply a more pragmatic approach to fighting, as practiced by the Spellswords of the Gasshik Desert. Because they spend their time learning more spells Red Mages do not study as deeply as other schools. (Mechanics: Red Mages may not cast spells above Veteran rank.) Of course Mages of a particular School will have differing opinions on which line of study is more useful for their preferred field. It it not uncommon for a White Mage to learn one or two Black School spells and vice-versa. The difference between those Mages and a Red Mage is the latter’s sheer variety and emphasis on some combat skills as well.

Orc Shamans: Orcs have a deep connection with the land and look to their ancestors for guidance. Thus their magic primarily centers around the child elements and spirit communication. They are so far the only Mages who use beast-themed spells. They do tend to have some combat prowess, though not as much as Red Mages since they spend most of their time communing with the land.

List of Spells: Barrier, Beast Friend, Bless, Bolt/Burst(Aero, Blizzard, Fire, Thunder, Quake, etc), Burrow, Command/Turn Undead, Curse, Entangle, Speed (Haste), Obscure, Poison, Shape Change, Smite

Artificers: Furthermore, Mages have also found ways of infusing magical energies into objects to be used at a later date, even by non-mages. (Though they can be locked to one or a select group of people.) Those who practice this art are called Artificers. The demand for Artificers is high in this day and age of immense technological advancement. Schools exist in nearly every large city promising short study periods and immediate placement into manufacturing positions.

Order of Ravens: Though not all Mages, the Arbiters of the Order of Ravens are well-versed in Void Lore from both the White and Black schools. However they do not associate with the other schools out of an interest in impartiality. They concentrate less on in-depth study of their craft and more on effective use of it in the field. For a list of spells please see their own page.

See Also: Mechanics-Magic

1 This spell and the discipline of Necromancy is frowned upon and is not taught in most schools.


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