Race Profile

Size: 4’7" to 5’5"
Fur Color: varies
Mane Color: dark blonde
to brown
Life Span: ~60 years
Attributes: +1 die of Agility,

Low-Light Vision, Outsider

Look up “wanderlust” in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of the Kratze. They are the gypsies and rogues of the world, traveling to as fro as the spirit moves them. Known for their craftiness and poker faces, it’s said you should never make a bet with a Kratze, as even if you win odds are he’ll have left town before you come to collect.

After the invention of airships the unpleasant wetness that accompanied boat travel was no longer an issue. They soon exploded into the wider world and can now be found roaming every continent.

The Kratze have excellent balance and small but lithe figures. Their faces are fully feline (think Kimari), and they possess digigrade legs and a tail. Their fur patterns are reminiscent of leopards, cheetahs, and cougars. Though every Kratze’s sense of fashion is different, they choose to wear clothes and hairstyles showcasing their free natures.


Starting Attributes:

Agile: The Kratze have excellent balance. Start with +1 die in Agility.
Low-Light Vision: Kratze eyes amplify light. They can see in the dark and ignore penalties for dim and dark lighting. (But not total darkness.)
Outsider: The Kratze have a reputation for mischief and deceit. They suffer a penalty of -2 to their Charisma for interactions outside their own race.


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