Race Profile

Size: 5’0" to 6’4"
Skin Color: varied
Hair Color: varied
Life Span: ~70 years
Attributes: extra edge

Long ago it is said that humans ruled a vast kingdom, bigger perhaps than even the High Elves. But famine and war took their toll and, on the edge of extinction, they pledged their fealty to the High Elves in exchange for their technological and medical knowledge. Now they are the working class, mediocre jobs complimenting their mediocre features. Their society has been forced to adapt to the elves’ slower pace as well. Most see this as a fair trade for living lives free of famine, war, and disease. Especially since none now remember the dark days.

Humans live around the world, from the harsh deserts to mountain mining towns, plains, and jungles. Harsher environments tend to have less Elven influence and more self-reliance.
The most prolific race in Laima, Humans are quickly reestablishing themselves as the largest population in the land. They already surpass even the Kratze in their range of cultural diversity.


Starting Advantages:

Fast Learner: Humans may not look it, but they are full of potential. Start with 1 extra edge.


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