Prefect: Vahayaelenion Tauranga

The capital of Firyarndor, Historia has long been a beacon in the vast Gasshik Desert. The Human inhabitants gave the desert its name from an old word for “skill,” for it is said “In a desert, without skill one will surely perish.” Scholars and tradesmen of every ilk have for centuries made their homes in Historia, making it the most learned city outside of Rilma.

It is also the home of the largest High-Elf population outside of Rilma. During the Collapse much of the city was destroyed by looters and mercenaries, and thus it was the first to be reconstructed by the Grand Empire. To ensure a smooth change of government many High-Elves made the move to the city and now occupy the higher echelons of society alongside their Human comrades.

The city is built around central Records tower and the governmental buildingsā€”both reconstructed of traditional Elven crystal. High walls ring the outside, protecting the city from sandstorms, but the large gates are nearly always open to welcome travelers. The market district surrounds the center of the city, and the central square is perpetually filled with the hustle and bustle of traders.


NTG: The National Trade Guild has an office in Historia where one can apply for trading permits for caravans, ships, or airships. It also offers connections for those wishing to start or expand their business.
Records: Located in the center of the city is the immense Records Tower. Long ago Historia’s guilds banded together to create a place to store knowledge for future generations. It contains records on population, tax law, news publications, and more from around the world. A complete rebuild after the Collapse increased its holding capacity by 800%, though much of the Pre-Collapse data was still lost. Its crystalline spires can be seen halfway across the desert.
Kamali Scholar’s Guild: Laima’s 2nd-largest university and home to programs supporting White and Black Magic as well as mundane scholarship programs such as business, law, and archeology. It also houses the only order of Spellswords, who teach pragmatic fighting through a combination of spells, weapons, and armor. All races admitted, as long as you pass the entrance exams.
Order of Ravens Abbey: The Abbey houses and trains all local members of the Order. All are admitted, though there is a significant drop-out rate due to the high standards to which all Arbiters are held.
Paluwe1 Airship Port: Built in the ashes of the ruined residential district, Paluwe opened the world to the citizens of Historia and indeed to the entirety of Firyarndor. Its immense spires lift flags beyond the reach of the walls to fly freely in the desert winds. Thousands of people and millions of tons of cargo pass through its gates each day.

Other Guilds/Organizations:

  • Firyarndor Army Headquarters
  • Historia Town Guardpost and Armory
  • Laborer’s Guild

1 Trans: Sky Unfurled


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