High Elves

High Elves

Race Profile

Size: 5’8" to 6’6"
Skin Color: pale
Hair Color: blonde to brown
Life Span: ~280 years
Attributes: +1 die of Smarts,

-1 Toughness, Strong Willed

Tall, beautiful, and smart, it’s easy to see why High Elves are the rulers of Laima. They possess the greatest magical and technological knowledge, as well as the patience to govern properly. They occupy the highest echelons of society and government, making sure the world runs smoothly and efficiently. They are arrogant and judgmental, but you can’t argue with their results. At first glance one would wonder how they work together, always snarking at each other. But as soon as a non-elf joins the snarking, they are quick to gang up on her.

Their culture consists of various familial houses which are further sub-divided by profession. The High Elves believe they originated from a group of early Elves who found the “Light of Knowledge,” thus light and the sun are popular motifs.

High Elves are delicate and androgynous, with tall willowy frames. Though they are always done up in high fashion, great care is taken not to alter the body, as the natural Elven features are seen as the best.


Starting Attributes:

Sharp Mind: High Elves prize knowledge. Start with +1 die of Smarts.
Delicate: High Elves are not particularly tough. Start with -1 Toughness.
Strong Willed: High Elves know how to get under someone’s skin without succumbing themselves. They add +2 to Intimidate and Taunt rolls, as well as Spirit and Smarts rolls when resisting Tests of Will attacks.

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High Elves

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