(Pronounced: FIR-yarn-dor)

Capital: Historia

The name of this continent reflects the extreme narrow-mindedness of ancient High Elven society. Translated from the Elven “Firyarndor” simply means “The Human Lands,” and it was from this continent that the first Humans appeared to them. By contrast the colloquial name “Northlands” reflects the Human world view of the original two continents, north and south. Both names are used today, but tend to be split by culture.

Firyarndor is the widest of the continents and hosts the most densely populated surface. (The aversion of Dwarves to sharing information has so far muddled the topic of most populated continent. Current statistics are based on surface populations only.) It is bisected by the Grey Mountain range which runs from the Sun Islands in the southwest to the northeastern edge of the continent, where the mountains disappear under the glaciers of the Northern Wastes. The western side of the Grey Mountains is one of the wettest regions in the world, catching nearly a third of all rainfall. It contains a swamp and vast temperate rainforest and, due to the abundant plant life, is largely unsettled. To the south of the Grey Mountains sits the largest amount of arable land on Laima. For this reason Firyarndor has had no shortage of settlers, even after the collapse of the Human Empire. The eastern half of the continent is dominated by the Gasshik Desert, though the extreme eastern coasts remain cool and arable due to the surrounding ocean.

Major Cities:

Deepmead: Deepmead is the largest and most successful mining town of the Grey Mountains, mostly due to its location on the mouth of the great Alifosa River. It produces much of the world’s usable minerals, and has the largest base of blacksmiths and craftsmen outside of Rilma.
Historia: Capitol of the continent, Historia was built on a large oasis in the middle of the Gasshik Desert. Due to its central nature it has been a trade hub for millenia and is the main stop of any caravan. Its defining feature is its Records Tower, a structure built jointly by the city’s many guilds and organizations for the purpose of recording and preserving knowledge for future generations. Records Tower was largely neglected during the Collapse and has since been refurbished under High Elven rule.
Northport: The southernmost continental city of Firyarndor, it is the closest geographical point to Minyaranie and thus a thriving port city. It has declined in importance with the advent of airships, but remains a crucial hub for ocean vessels to transfer their cargo, as the straight between the two continents is too shallow for most large vessels. It is probably best known for the Greenwater Ferry, which is the oldest functioning ferry line in the world.
Twin Cities: Largely considered the easternmost point in Firyarndor, the Twin Cities of Ulv and Vulk rest on either side of the Wolf Peninsula. It is said they were settled by two competing groups who eventually settled their differences when their towns had grown so large they could no longer be differentiated. Although the two cities are technically separate they are governed jointly and most of their policies are the same.


The Green Horn: Named for its cornucopia shape, the southern part of Firyarndor is a rich and fertile land sustained by runoff from the Grey Mountains to the north. It is crisscrossed by streams, forests, and roads connecting the many farming hamlets. Most of its food goes to feed the rest of the world.
Labyrinth Forest: A vast temperate rainforest bordered by the Grey Mountains in the east and the ocean to the west. Uninhabited due to the harsh terrain and hostile natives. Theorized to contain the Magical Focus of Earth.
Northern Wastes: This inhospitable region covers the top of the world and is largely composed of snow and ice. Seasons change the area drastically, as do the regular herd migrations. The Ulfur call this region home.
Sun Islands: A volcanic chain of islands extending from the Grey Mountain range far into the Central Sea. Each island is a separate volcano, though some are more active than others. The area contains the Magical Focus of Fire and is home to the Fire Sprite nation. The tropical islands are a popular tourist destination.


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